Who knew? 

I just read an article from Realtor Magazine that was titled Experts: Mexican Tariff Would hurt housing affordability. 

I suppose I did not think about it but the tariff proposed by Donald Trump on products imported from Mexico can affect Real Estate, especially in the sale prices of brand new homes and remodels. It could have a trickle down effect on the US real estate market which will push up prices for consumers. 

Eleven percent of steel imports come from Mexico according to the international trade administration data. Steel is largely used in commercial and residential construction as well as home renovations. Additionally the tariff will raise the cost of cement to the US, CNBS reports. Cement is the fifth largest supplier of cement to the US. Hummm I thought cement came from the desert and those large piles we see in the plant. I did not know it was an import. 

Any increase in cost will hit builders and jack up home prices.