If you want to get a loan when you are buying a condo there are a few things that determine if your condo qualifies. 

To qualify as a condo complex with Conventional Loans (ask for complexes that are FHA approved as less than 20% nationwide are approved for FHA) here are some of the general guidelines from the government who backs the loans:

  • Must be 51% owner occupied (primary or second homes) This may go lower if the reserves are high enough
  • No more than 15% of the complex can be past due on HOA dues
  • No one owner can own more than 10% of the complex
  • No daily, weekly or monthly rentals
  • The HOA must meet the reserve requirements and budget review
  • The HOA must pass insurance review

Every complex may have unique circumstances so it is important to review this with your lender as other guidelines may apply. 

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